Ok, this is how we roll with Coronavirus


The health and safety of our guests is of utmost importance, inline with our desire to make sure all our tours are a whole lot of fun! In order to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid 19 we have considered all elements of our tours, and where possible put controls in place to mitigate against them. 

In short, our Covid Policy (view here) explains that we have taken precautions to help manage the risk of Covid transmission, however we ask all guests to use their personal judgement to decide their level of risk and if a wine tour is suitable for them. 

Our Risk Assessment

We have conducted a risk assessment which can be found here.  

In short, our risk management is based on a group concept, or a "bubble" of wine lovers, who stay together for the day.  There may be times that you are closer than 2 meters to someone you don't know (or you claim you don't know) but you're more than welcome to wear a facecovering.   


Please keep in mind that EWTT is a hospitality business.  We are a private company that offers experience days using group travel on a private contract.  Our tours are limited to a defined number of guests and not part of any public transport system.

People reserve the right to say they are exempt from wearing masks on our tours. Also some guests will chose to eat or drink on the coach and for tastings at the vineyard masks will be impractical.

Space is good

Given that our experiences are based on group travel, which could be considered just two people, or four, or up to 24, you will all be seated together on a vehicle. Again, you are welcome to wear a face-covering.

If you're a solo traveller, we cannot guarantee who you might sit near you.  But we do ask all guests to change their tour date should they have any form of Covid 19 Symptoms or have been advised to self isolate. 

Wash Your Hands

Here we thought this was a good idea before the pandemic, but we shall remind everyone to wash up.  We will have hand santitiser and so will the vineyards.

Keep it clean

We clean our vehicles frequently and so does our  coach operator.  Inside and out, top to bottom with virus killing disinfectant.

The vineyards, pubs, cafes that we partner with all  have a rigorous cleaning regime.