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Nicola Boarer the Founder of English Wine Tasting Tours Drinking Wine

I’m Nicola the founder of English Wine Tasting Tours, and you guessed it I love English Wine (wine in general actually), and I simply love visiting English Vineyards.

Until a few years ago I lived in London, and worked on the BBC Good Food Shows.  Ultimately I’m a foody through and through.

I’ve now moved out to the sticks known locally as East Sussex.  But one of my favourite things about living in the ‘’countryside’’ is the many local vineyards, and the many wine tasting opportunities that come with them.

So whenever my London friends come to visit, the first place I take them is on a wine tasting tour of my local vineyards.

And boy are they impressed!  It seems that no one knew that only a stone’s throw away from London we have an abundance of amazing vineyards that produce outstanding (award winning in many cases) English Wine.

Hence why I bring you English Wine Tasting Tours, I want to share this little known secret with everyone and let you too enjoy a wine tasting experience with a difference.  We pick you up from London and take you to a selection of some of England’s finest Vineyards with wine tasting tours in Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

Obviously we wouldn’t take you this far from London without giving you the opportunity to try some sensational local English fare too.  All in all if you like good wine and good food, this is a day trip you simply don’t want to miss.

Find out more about the individual tours or book your ticket here, or for further information on groups and corporate events get in touch atinfo@englishwinetastingtours.co.uk

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