In person, immersive wine and gin tasting experiences

English Wine Tasting Events

If you can't make it to the English vineyards, let us bring the vineyards to you, with one of our fantastic English Wine Tasting Events. 

We like to think of our English wine tastings, as a wine tasting plus.  It's not just any old wine tasting, this is a wine tasting with people and places that everyone has heard of and means the level of engagement is much deeper than your average wine tasting. 

Our wine tastings, obviously involve wine tasting, but also tell you about the history of English wine, the industry as a whole and the challenges of growing grapes in a cool climate. 

We can choose wines from set counties that mean something to your team, or within a certain radius of your office.  We can also offer English Wine paired with English cheese, which is always a firm favourite for guests. 

Corporate Events English Gin Tasting

English Gin Tasting Events

While England is fast becoming known for it's English wine, we also well known for our Gin!

If you're looking for something a little bit stiffer than wine, then an English Gin Tasting will be just up your street!

Taste your way through 700 years of English Gin History.  You'll find out everything from the difference between London Dry and the tea bagging approach, to gins links to the bubonic plague and it's medicinal purposes (what better excuse to drink it). 

And not to go too off piste we also link all out gins back to English wine in some way, shape or form!